My Midway Island Friends

San Diego Reunion 2001
Clockwise, left bottom, John Doughton, Bob Merry,
(can't remember right now, great guy... fireman... it'll come to me.),
Gary Scott, Bill Carrington, me and FWS lady whose name escapes me right now, who promised that the island would be opened back up very soon.

San Diego Reunion 2001
My buddy Robbie

San Diego Reunion 2001
Gary Scott, Robbie, John Doughton, me.

Poulsbo Mini Reunion 2002?
Mike Denison, Tom Armstrong, John Doughton, Heidi Auman, can't remember right now, Cathie Wlaschin, Brian O'Kelly, Brett Davis and me.

Poulsbo Mini-Reunion
Heidi Auman and me.

Poulsbo Mini-Reunion
Mike Denison and me.

John LaFayette and me.

Bill Tunstall and me at Midway Island 2002.

"Choppy" Powers and me at Midway Island 2002.

Bart Davidson and me at Midway Island Battle of Midway Memorial, 2002.

Bart Davidson, Darlene Moegerle and me at Midway Island 2002

Bob Johnston and me at Honolulu

Jim Thornburg, Bob Johnston, Bart Davidson, and me at Honolulu.

Bart and Gary at Irifune.

Bart and Gary at Irifune.

Reunion 2002 Portland Oregon at Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood.

Me and Bill Carrington at Tulare, California.

Big John Doughton and me.

Eileen Davies and I on her trip past Mt. Hood.

Mike Daak and I on the Big Island.

FWS Headquarters, Honolulu
Jerry Leinecke, me, Mike Daak, Barbara Maxfield

Me and Mike Yarnell in Honolulu

Wayne White, Bob Merry, Bill Carrington, Howard Gillins and me at Bob's home in Sunny San Diego

Gary Edstrom and me on the USS Midway in San Diego

My buddy Gary Scott when he visited me here in Oregon

Gary Scott, me and Nancy Mahi at my office.

My good buddy Dusty Durst helping me with my bookwork.

Mr. Al Shannon visiting me at work.
More to come...