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  1. I was on Midway from Aug 1970-July 1971 where I was a high teacher at George Cannon School, Math and Social Studies, Grades 7-12. At the time there was about 40 students in Grades 7/8 and the same number in Grades 9-12. I was Senior Class Advisor (all four of them) and their graduation was in the Chapel across from the school. It was a wonderful experience and being only 29 years old I was anxious to transfer to Europe of which happened. However, I was asked to teach in the Middle School Summer School for six weeks in June and July and accepted. The Midway experience was one I will never forget. The memories are embedded in my heart forever. I made many good friends both in families and the enlisted. I could have been one of those enlisted men. Many were there to avoid the draft, as they had low birthdays and would have recruited in the army and they did not want to end up in Vietnam. If you want more information, I can provide for even though it was 50 years ago. I have not forgotten and I still keep in touch with a couple of folk who were there at the time. Midway was truly an invaluable education in itself. I did write letters to friends in the form of a newsletter and I think I did five during my stay. I still have them and if you want me to share them I will gladly do so.
    Thank you. Edward J. Brennan, Ed.D.

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