Midway Island Hobby Shop 1960’s

Midway friend Bill Langletz Jr. shared these excellent photos of the Midway Island Hobby Shop at Special Services in the 1960’s. These photos were taken by Bill’s father, ADCS Bill Langlitz.

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  1. Was on Midway from 1970-1972. Worked at KMTH rado/TV/PAO on 2nd deck of terminal. Lived in barracks next to chow hall. Also, ran the Special Services darkroom and photo shop. Was one of the best duty stations in my 20 years active. Would love to go back there for a visit. Memories, how nice they are.

  2. hello/helpi was on the rock may 69 to june70, was in the AOM crew, logs n records, for the hu-16d’s and uh-34d’s, i was a member of a blog with other personell, due to being hacked i lost that accout or access, there was a ams2 i think first name gary who took lots of pics and was head of the blog group, if you know him or how to be able to rejoin, that would be great.

  3. Was there 63-64. Worked in Air Control Tower as an electronics tech. Also worked in the “receiver station” (radios) in the center of the three runways. Operated the cargo winches and booms on the civilian freighters pulled into port to off load food & supplies. Twice a week I helped work in the ceramic shop for a few extra dollars. After 6 months was flown to Hawaii for a three(3) day liberty, then back for another 6 months , Beautiful island and so many birds. Goodies get all the attention but there was many other species that were beautiful.sad what is happening with all the plastics😢

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