Midway from The Air

Here’s a beautiful photo of ourpressious island from a flight as it approached before landing for the 65th anniversary ceremony commemorating the Battle of Midway.

You can order a print of this photo by following this link.  CLICK HERE.
Or by clicking on the photo below.

Midway Island / Midway Atoll
Midway Island / Midway Atoll


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  1. I was stationed on Midway from December, 1959 through August, 1961. I was assigned to Special Services, and managed the base theater and bowling alley. This was a memorable assignment for me, and I often recall the laid-back lifestyle I enjoyed while there. I was fortunate to have my wife and young daughter accompanying me during most of my assignment on the “Island just this side of tomorrow.”

    1. I was stationed on Midway for 18 months late 1960 to April 1962. I was working there as an electronic technician maintaining the early warning radar & radio equipment installed in the WV-2 aircraft. Flew as Aviation Electronics Tech on those planes, it was a wonderful experience.

      1. The US military must begin operations there immediately to grow military force. The things that are currently happening with the growing concerns of WWIII, should make the US military begin to operations on Midway immediately.

      2. I was stationed there 1964, until late 1964. I was assistant to cdr Walter ranzau, the exec/ Ops officer.

        Anthony Pizzo

    2. Hi Garne! I don’t know if you’ll see this but on the off chance you do… Do you happen to remember the Atwells (John, Greta, Billy, and Zelma) who were also there from ’58-’61?

    3. How was your experience there? That was great that you were able to take your family there. Looks like a very small island. About how many people were stationed there? US military must begin military operations there again immediately.

  2. I was stationed there from 1971 to 1974 as part of the GEMD division of the air-ops department. Spent a lot of time in the large ray dome on the roof of the main hanger building.

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