Fire in The Midway Chow Hall

Fire in The Midway Chow HallĀ  – As I was looking through old paper files I came across this letter. It’s a letter of appreciation and a “Well done” from the Supply Officer for helping to keep everyone at Midway fed that day, especially since, as is noted in the letter, the Kornerstone Kafe was closed. Remember the Kornerstone Kafe?

I had spent my TAD in the chow hall when I arrived at Midway. To be honest I only have vague memories of the fire. It certainly wasn’t one that was catastrophic but it disrupted the routine. As the repairs were being made it was decided to do some additional remodelling, extending the temporary inconvenience of preparing the food among construction and transporting the food to the EM Club to be served.

Today the Midway Island chow hall is abandoned and crumbling due to the lack of maintenance by the USFWS and is on a list for demolition. It once played a part in the short lived visitation program that was put in place after the U.S. Navy left the island. With its removal any potential form of visitation becomes less likely in the future.

Chow hall fire letter
Chow hall fire letter – 24 May 1977

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