A Luau at Kure Island

A Luau at Kure Island – John Lafayette ADR 3 SAR Hanger Midway Island 1964-65

This is a series of photos that belonged to ADR3 John Lafayette who passed in 2009. They depict a luau that the Midway SAR crew brought to the Kure crew, including a pig that they roasted on a fire and plenty of Schlitz beer.

For those unaware, Kure is a small island 56 miles from Midway. From 1960 to 1992, a United States Coast Guard LORAN station was located on Green Island. A short coral runway was built on the island to support Coast Guard operations, but it was abandoned and is currently unusable. It became a state wildlife sanctuary in 1981. Wikipedia 

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  1. This is John Fisk. I was a Midway Island HU16 radio operator and ARC 27 Bench repair in the Avionics Lab from March 1970 to March 11 1971. I flew to Kure Island many times in support of the Logistics Flights for the Coast Guard. I even got the opportunity to dive on Kure with our Midway Island Commanding Officer and the crew of the HU16. The dive was supported by the Coxswain, the enlisted Coast Guard corpsman on Kure. I really enjoyed my trips to Kure… sometimes just walking around the Island while we were there supporting the Coast Guard.

  2. I was there the day our log flight, a helicopter,
    Fell out of the sky. My stereo was on that flight. The crew never let our mail or my stereo get wet. Thank you again. Vince Alber.

  3. I remember the 4th of July parade, baseball game and BBQ and fireworks…………1959/60. I was just a freshman (9th grade). beaches

    Loved the church and white beaches

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