Naval Security Group Comm Unit 43

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  1. That is my patch shown on this site! I have it on my vest and believe I sent it to this site a good while ago.”
    Member of CommUnit43 Midway from July 19, 1957 – July 24, 1958. My favorite duty station of all!
    Will send this site to all those I have email addresses for.

  2. I look back & remember all the great times we had as a group on Eastern! What a great group we had!
    A few of you I’ve kept up with but others have gone on, as my group is now all past 80! But, I’d still go back if I could & if they’d provide me with a mower, I’d take care of the runways on Eastern & make them as clean as they were back in 1957-58. When I went back in 2000 the condition was sickening! They are supposed to be kept up for emergency landing if needed.
    I did get to walk the road to where our ops building was & pick up a broken piece of insulator lying on the ground.
    Oh, what memories came flooding back when I found the base of the flagpole in front of the old movie hall! One of the rangers, Steve Dryden, took my picture while I was standing on it. I kept up with Steve for a while but lost touch later.
    Great Memories – what we have from a great part of life!

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