New Midwayites – Welcome to Midway Brochure

Below are some pages out of a Welcome to Midway Island brochure. Named “New Midwayites – Welcome to Midway”, the brochure is missing one page from the bird ID section and the section about “Special Information to Submariners” was never included. It’s likely that the brochure was made prior to the sub base shutdown and issued afterward so that section was omitted. 

It’s fun to read this document and to recall memories of our days at Midway.

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  1. Gary, really enjoy your pictures and comments about Midway Island, my first duty station in 1968/69. I have so many good (and bad) memories of Island life. I have many photos to share, just have to dig them out, and plan to do so soon. My real disgust is what our government did to “our Island”, i’m saddened every time I see the photos of what the place looks like today. About 8 years ago i tried to get on the list to be a visitor for a week or so to help do maint and or grounds work , then they told me it was closed down – really bummed out. We leave cold nebraska every winter for about a month or so in Maui, just a short hop on a “Log Flight” to our beautiful atoll – wish it would be the case. Keep posting some of the pictures and comments and I will get off the couch and start looking for all of my Midway memories. thanks again, terry

    1. Hi Terry. Thank you for your comment. I’m with you my friend. I can see no reason why we can’t have the option to return, even if to volunteer to do work projects. It’s my dream to be able to have a Midway Reunion at Midway someday. Scan those photos. I’d sure like to see them. Thank you for your comment. 🙂

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