Welcome to Midway Booklet circa 1959

Welcome to Midway Booklet circa 1959 – This booklet  was submitted Becki Watters who was at Midway with her family from 1957 to 1959.

“This brochure was undated but my family was on Midway from the summer of 1957 through Oct. 1959. We are in some of the photos so it was probably printed while we were there or soon afterwards.”

It was common practice to receive one of these booklets in a welcome package for newcomers to Midway.

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  1. I was a newborn on Midway, 1956-1958. I wa born in California. My father was a Navy Chief Petty officier. My family wa myself , my two brothers Mike and Eddie my mother Buzzie and my father Al

  2. My family lived on Midway Island for 18 months in the early 1950’s. My father was on a Coast Guard Weather Ship. My sister and I went to the one room school, where we were in grades one and three. I remember reading “Dick and Jane” there. My mother and I walked around the island everyday collecting fish balls, which I still have. It was a paradise for kids, and I remember it like it was yesterday.

  3. Midway for me as a 12 year old boy in 1964 was a magical place. Learning to fishball, getting into all sorts of mischief, winning a football letter after only playing 1 “championship game” and camping on Eastern Island as a boy scout. So many wonderful memories. Swimming in crystal clear water, hunting longusta, riding on the back of a sea turtle. Riding my bike all over the island, sitting on the beach and listening to the waves and wind. Catching mice, playing “moaner bird” baseball (not proud of that), watching the only TV show (The Andy Griffith Show) for 1 hour a day. Deep sea fishing with my dad and brother and landing a 65 lb Wahoo. Getting a Schwinn Stingray bike for my birthday – Best present ever!! So many memories yet, it is so sad the way the F&W service has allowed Midway to go to rack and ruin.

    1. I think we were there together. My dad was in the Air Force there from 64 to 65. I was 10 years old and in 5th grade.

  4. Stationed on Midway 70-72. Worked at KMTH Radio/TV/PAO. Also ran the Special Services photo shop/darkroom. Was one of the very good duty stations in my 20 years active.

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